Singapore Dental Implants

Singapore Dental Implants

Singapore Dental Implants

Teeth and other oral issues always cause negative impacts to both our beauty and several oral health oriented complication. Being integral part of our body they must be treated properly at the right hour in order to remove even a little chance of further any question further. However, the paramount researches and incredible evolution in the field of applied medical science along with the advent of sophisticated medical equipment Dental Implant has become extremely possible through a minor and effective dental surgical process.

In order to avail the most effective and desirable results, Dental Implant in Singapore though ‘Winston OMP’ would be seen as the most secured option as we proffer you the most Advanced Implantology. We are immensely possessed with sophisticated devices and variety of Singapore Dental Implant Solutions to meet every individual case appropriately.

What is Singapore Dental Implant is all about…….???

As a precious gift of the advanced dentistry, Dental implants are artificial tooth roots providing an enduring base for fixed, replacement teeth. In Comparison to other similar options like dentures, bridges and crowns, dental implants are more popular and effective long-lasting solution against missing teeth, failing teeth or chronic dental problems. Opting the most secured and beneficial solution in Singapore by the highly experienced, certified and qualified dental surgeons at the nicely equipped hospital is termed as Singapore Dental Implant.

Dental implant Singapore

 Specific Advantages preferring for Dental Implant in Singapore from ‘Winston OMP’

  • A Reputed and Certified brand run by proficient and dedicated Dentists & Surgeons.
  • Highly equipped hospital with modern devices for different dentistry options.
  • Climatic investigation team carrying out appropriately the root of the issue.
  • No Natural Teeth requirement to undergo any supplementary treatment.
  • The adjacent natural teeth are not disturbed in any form as well as are not performed more prone to decay easily.
  • A vibrant identity among both local and countless foreign clients, sending piles of comments with hearty thanks.

Things to be considered strictly before going for a Singapore Dental Implant

An adequate surgical and dental evaluation is a must before implant placement and we at ‘Winston OMP’ do strongly abide by this procedure. While on the other hand our expert surgeon specially focus about any side health issue, such as, immune system, diabetic signs, prior severe gum disease or smoking habits, etc.  We do keep eyes on if the patient has been in taking blood thinner medicines regularly. We boldly inspire our clients to unveil such things before the dentist to remove any chance of further side complications regarding Singapore Dental Implant.

We feel proud to furnish the expertise of our highly skilled dental model professionals who bring out the most exact piece of every individual independently. Moreover, the smooth finishing of materials and skilled technique employed for the most desirable Dental Implant in Singapore by ‘Winston OMP’ makes you feel really confident and more attractive. While no problem while, eating, drinking, speaking or laughing is primarily guaranteed.

Distinctive & Unsurpassable Characteristics

Winston OMP, apart from being the first choice for Singapore Dental Implant,  furnishes its expertise and vital identity simultaneously by providing distinctive dentistry services for Dentures, Mount Framing, Bridges, Arc Replacement, Single or few teeth replacement and many alike. All our raw materials like Acrylic Resins and Porcelain, used for smooth manufacturing and bringing out the most exact shape and desirable design secure to be of high quality and clinically tested.

In a nutshell, we promise you to provide a complete one stop oral and dental solution employing the latest dentistry expertise and the most advanced technique. ‘Winston OMP’ scatters its recognition independently taking challenges as an opportunity.

Dental implant surgery cost breakdown in Singapore

What are you paying for in the final price for a dental implant? Here’s an example of a bill breakdown:

Consultation $40 – $80
X-ray $80 – $120
CT scan (if required) $350 – $500
Tooth models (if required) $100 – $250
Surgical guides (if required) $350 – $800
Bone grafting (if required) $800 – $2000
Sinus lifting (if required) $1000 – $3500
Dental implant crown $1000 – $3000
Dental implant surgery $2000 – $4000
Medication $35 – $80

How much Medisave can I use for dental implants?

Medisave limit
1 dental implant $1250
8 dental implants $7500

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