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Why are dental implants necessary?

Missing Teeth

First we look at teeth loss. Your teeth may be lost from either gum disease, tooth decay or traumatic injury. Sometimes we also see teeth that are fractured or cracked due to heavy grinding forces.

Once this happened, it is good idea to try to replace these missing teeth. This is because leaving the gaps alone will allow adjacent teeth to move into the spaces, creating bite disharmony. The remaining teeth in the mouth are now subject to greater stresses and may become overloaded. These issues are quite difficult to fix in the long term.

Options to fix missing teeth

  1. Fixed bridge – Make a fixed bridge cemented onto the adjacent natural teeth. They have the advantage of not requiring surgery but the adjacent teeth would have to be cut down.
  2. Dentures – Dentures are artificial teeth which need to be removed for cleansing or before you sleep and tend not to be as stable as the fixed alternatives.
  3. Dental Implants

What are dental Implants?

Dental Implants are essentially small posts or pegs which are inserted into the jawbone to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are rigid and fixed inside the bone, so your implant supported teeth will be very firmed.

Dental Implants can be used to replace

  • Single missing tooth in the form of individual dental implant supported crown

Dental implant Singapore

  • Multiple missing teeth including the whole mouth (All-on-4)

For the most effective and desirable result, please consult our team of dedicated Clinicians at Winston OMP. We have top-of-the-art dental equipment coupled with experienced Surgeons, Doctors and Prosthodontist with the mission of providing quality dental implant treatments at affordable prices. Singapore Dental Implant treatment is a new and effective solution to missing teeth. Dental implants will restore your dignity and help you have a big bite of life.

Winston OMP Advanced Implantology – Singapore Dental Implant Care

At ‘Winston OMP’, we have a team of very experienced and dedicated surgeons and prosthodontists who are not only skilful in providing you with quality dental care but are also conscious of your cost savings.

We promise you a complete one-stop solutions for all your Dental Implant needs so that you can have a big bite of life.

Winston OMP – Dental implant surgery in Singapore

Please come down for a non-obligatory financial consultation with our team before you decide on Dental Implants procedure.

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