In modern times people are becoming health conscious. Apart from giving attention to the physical hygiene, they are paying an equal attention to the oral hygiene as well. Teeth play an important role in maintaining a vibrant and lovely smile on our facial structure. If the teeth are unclean or discolored, it may result in lower self-esteem. Going further it can cause a hindrance in social conversations also. Therefore, more and more people are opting for Teeth Whitening procedures in the want of bright and sparkling teeth.

Methods of Teeth Whitening:

There are different methods of teeth whitening, some of which are as follows:

Custom Fit Tray Whitening: Custom fit whitening trays are an important factor that helps in keeping your teeth clean and whitening. The use of tray in dental whitening became wide spread in 1990’s and this is extensively used till the present time.

Main Points of Custom Fit Tray Whitening

  • In custom fit tray whitening method plastic trays are made use by the dentists that suit the upper and lower tooth Scaling and Polishing.
  • In this procedure a bleach is used for whitening the teeth and this bleach is applied to the upper and lower parts of the custom fit tray.

Whitening Strips: Whitening strips are another way to keep the teeth clean and shining. The teeth whitening strips are composed of a flexible plastic substance which is coated in a thin layer of whitening gel. To attain effective results it is necessary to apply these strips regularly for two to three weeks.

Use of Whitening Tooth Paste: There are many whitening tooth paste available in the market that helps in cleaning the teeth in a better manner. It is advised by the dentist to apply a good quality whitening tooth paste.

Some Tips For Teeth Whitening:

  • Avoid eating junk food and adopt healthy eating habits.
  • Give up smoking and drinking.
  • Make it a habit to regularly clean your teeth at least twice a day.
  • In every six months visit a dentist to clean your teeth.

So, if any individual is suffering from the problems of teeth discoloring and he/she is a native of Singapore, then, in this case, there are a variety of options available with you of Teeth Whitening Singapore. But the name of Winston OMP Dental Clinic Singapore is taken with distinction due to its unique and effective methods of teeth whitening procedures and unmatched professionalism offered by its clients.

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