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About Winston OMP

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Winston OMP. Seriously devoted to dental implant care and provision of treatment.

We Want You To Take A Big Bite Of Life

At Winston OMP Advanced Dental Implantology Clinic in Singapore, our team of specialist surgeons and dentist Singapore are devoted to dental implant care and provision of treatment. We recognise that living well includes taking good care of your teeth and not being limited by having bad or missing teeth. Healthy gums and teeth in turn ensure you can start each day with a “big bite of life”.

We Take You Personally

We believe that everyone is unique and deserves individualised dental solutions based on personal needs, expectations and resources to make sure the solution we provide is in your best interests.

We are dedicated to the maintenance of your dental implants and look forward to enjoying a fruitful, long-lasting relationship with you. We are equipped with state-of- the-art facilities to provide you with the best experience possible with dental implant treatment.

Our Services

Replacement of missing teeth

Missing teeth? No problem.

In the last few decades, dental implants have rapidly gained popularity and are now widely considered to be ideal replacements for missing teeth. This is due to their proven success rates both in long-term studies and clinical use globally.

Restoration of function

Teeth, and the importance of a good functioning set of dentition, cannot be overemphasised. It is widely known that your quality of life is affected by the basic life-sustaining function of being able to chew, bite and eat well. Dental implants are predictable, fixed solutions to replacement of teeth and restoration of function.

Restoration of aesthetics

“Smile while you still have teeth”.

You may have heard or seen this quote before. But with dental implants, even if your front teeth are missing or in bad shape, there is a way to bring back that smile.

Customised Computer-aided implant treatment planning

Because everyone is different.

We use advanced radiologic and computerised 3-dimensional software technology to assess the availability of your jaw bone volume and bite pattern. This information is used for optimal planning of your dental implant treatment.

Implant risk assessment

As part of risk assessment and to optimise the success of your treatment, we have an array of blood and saliva tests which assist in assessing genetic dental disease susceptibility and oral bacterial load.

Implant salvage

We provide assessment and treatment of failed implants, including retrieval of failed components.

Other Services
  • Root Canal
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Wisdom Teeth
CHAS Claimable

Medisave claimable for implants

How it works

Minimally invasive solution with fixed, full-arch restorations.

Why is it for me?

Rapid improvement in quality of life, shorter treatment times, lower costs and stability even in minimum bone volume.

Training For Doctors

If you are a dentist, our specialists provide training in the form of lectures, courses, and workshops in all aspects of Dental Implantology. Clinical attachments are possible depending on availability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for implants?
Dental implants are suitable for most patients. However, as each patient is different, some patients may have certain conditions that might affect the success and longevity of implant treatment.

I have some problems with my implants. Can these be solved?
As we are an experienced team familiar with different implant systems, we are well equipped to help you. We can salvage and treat implants that are showing signs of failure. We will also be able to manage other complications such as loose implant crowns, peri-implant infection, bone loss, removal of septic, old implants and replacing them with new implants.

What kind of materials are used in implant treatment?
Implants that are placed in the jaw bones are predominantly made of titanium. In contrast, there is a wider selection of materials including porcelain or zirconia that can be used to fabricate the visible part of the teeth, termed the crown. As each patient is different, the replacement teeth are personalised based on functional and aesthetic and financial factors.

Is implant treatment costly?
There are a variety of ways of replacing teeth with implants, thus your implant treatment can generally be tailored to suit your needs and resources.

I am coming from overseas. How do I arrange to have my treatment done here?
We have special regional desk services to arrange your appointments and accommodation. We can also liaise with regional partners in your country for follow-up care.

I am based overseas and I will not be able to return regularly. Will I be able to find a local dentist that is familiar with implants who can help me if problems arise?
We carry a wide array of implant systems and can use dental implants with distributors available to dentists in your region in case of repairs or replacement of components. Should you require it, we are able to provide your implant details upon request and arrange for regional partners for follow-up care.

I have a very tight schedule. How soon can I have my teeth restored?
With the All-on-4 implant concept, you will be able to get your teeth on the same day of the surgery or within a few days. The temporary teeth will keep you functional till your implants are ready for the permanent prostheses. We will advise if you are suitable for the All-on-4 treatment, or if it is the best plan for you.

Can I use Medisave for my implant treatment?
Yes. Medisave can be used to offset surgery costs.

Doctors Advice

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How to find us by car

Car Park entrance is from Irrawaddy Road. Parking is available on Levels 5, 6 and 7 of the building. There are 2 entrances to Medical Centre.

Coming from Thomson Road

Turn left into Irrawaddy Road and then turn right into the car park entrance to Novena Medical Centre, Square 2.

Coming from Moulmein Road

Turn into Sinaran Drive, head straight down and turn left to Irrawaddy Road at the T junction. Turn left into car park entrance to Novena Medical Centre, Square 2.

How to find us by public transport

Novena Medical Center is directly above Novena MRT station. Please turn left upon coming out of the MRT gantry, head towards exit A. There is an entrance marked ‘Square 2’ on the left of exit A, take the stairs up through the entrance. Turn right upon reaching the top, turn right and walk towards the lift lobby (right after Old Town Café).

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